Not Like a Bank

Credit Unions Are Different

The minute you walk into one of our branch offices or speak to one of our member service representatives on the phone, you can tell—VacationLand is different. We don't run things the way the big "megabanks" do; we think it can be done much better.

VacationLand is a credit union, which is not the same as a bank. While banks are owned by corporate stockholders only interested in making a profit for themselves, we are owned by…you! That's right, every credit union member is also a part owner, with a say in everything we do.

Not having stockholders means we can work harder to give the money we make back to you in the form of fewer service fees, better dividend rates, lower interest rates on loans, and more. Plus, since we are based right here in Northern Ohio, we can give you personal attention and service with a smile. At VacationLand, we learn your name and remember you when you come in. Try getting that at a faceless megabank!

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