In 2019 we continued to provide our members with information and tools needed to make sound decisions about their money. The involvement of over 19,800 members makes everything we do here possible. Together we can, and do, make a difference.

VacationLand’s accomplishments in 2019 included continuing to work through the Federal process with the NCUA for a field-of-membership expansion, and re-applying. When approved, we will be able to provide our affordable financial services to more consumers, including those underserved. We’ll also move forward on our non-interest revenue opportunities derived from other activities outside of lending.

We also can report that 2019 was a healthy financial year for us. Our 2019 financial statement shows a 6.97% asset growth; a 3.83% loan growth; an ROA of .92%; a capital ratio of 10.98%; and a membership increase of 1.92%. VLFCU still remains in the upper tier of our credit union tier group, in all ratio categories.

VacationLand Federal Credit Union will continue to remain dedicated to the credit union’s core values and provide you with outstanding financial services to meet your specific needs. Some of our plans for 2020 include streamlining loan and deposit processes for improved member service, including IT-related processes; developing a formal succession plan for pending key retirements; and continuing to identify and implement non-interest revenue streams to support our long-term success.


What else can we do to go above and beyond

We appreciate your overwhelming support, and for being a part of the VacationLand family. Your membership represents your faith in our ability to be successful. In the coming year, as in the past, maximizing our credit union’s capabilities, services and products, and anticipating your ever-changing needs will remain at the forefront.


Bryan P. Myers

Chief Executive Officer