2021 Annual Report Cover


2021 Annual Report

We are happy and proud to say that 2021 was a record year for generating income and building capital for the credit union. We accomplished a lot financially while managing the lingering issues resulting from the COVID Pandemic. 

One contributing factor to our financial success came from a Federal Grant to support lending to low-income and minority members. We have identified property in Norwalk to prepare to serve our expanded field of membership in Huron County as well as portions of Seneca and Sandusky counties and look forward to announcing that in the very near future as we finalize the purchase.

One ongoing challenge that we faced in 2021 and anticipate a continuing challenge in 2022 is employment. Like many businesses and organizations in our country, staffing our branches has been difficult. We have experienced absenteeism and turnover. We have been blessed with the quality of employees we have retained and hired. We offer competitive wages and benefits in an effort to sustain the quality of our employees with the goal of providing the best service to our members.

At VacationLand, we take on the challenges and look for opportunities. We have learned from our experiences and are prepared for alternative ways to help our members.

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2020 Annual Report Cover


2020 Annual Report

From modest roots to a thriving community credit union, VacationLand Federal Credit Union embraces what it takes to provide products and services that benefit our members now, and well into the future. Our members give us the strength and motivation to move forward.

We are happy to report that our capital position remains strong and our financial ratios remain in line with industry standards. While facing down the year’s fiscal challenges, we were still able to assist our members dealing with financial difficulties resulting from job cutbacks or loss by offering loan forbearances, fee waivers, and low-interest short-term loans among many other accommodations.

We thank our employees, Board and Supervisory Committees for their hard work and dedication to VacationLand. We thank you, our members, for your continued support and look forward to a safe and prosperous 2021.

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2019 Annual Report Cover


2019 Annual Report

We're happy to report that 2019 was a healthy financial year for us. Our 2019 financial statement shows:

  • Asset growth of 6.97%
  • Loan growth of 3.83%
  • ROA of .92%
  • Capital ratio of 10.98%
  • Membership increase of 1.92%

VLFCU remains in the upper tier of our credit union tier group, in all ratio categories.

Some of our plans for 2020 include streamlining loan and deposit processes for improved member service, including IT-related processes; developing a formal succession plan for pending key retirements; and continuing to identify and implement non-interest revenue streams to support our long-term success.

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2018 Annual Report Cover


2018 Annual Report

We are pleased to report that the credit union faced all the changes and challenges imposed upon us head-on and remained financially healthy in 2018.

Our 2018 financial statement conveys a 7.34% asset growth, (compared to 6.01% in 2017), as well as:

  • Loan growth 11.08%
  • ROA increase to .99%
  • Capital ratio of 10.80%

We also grew our membership grew by 3.12%, an increase of 588 discerning new partners.

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