Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is comprised of seven volunteers –elected by you, the members – who are responsible for the governance, direction, and control of the affairs of VacationLand Federal Credit Union in accordance with National Credit Union Administration rules and regulations and sound business practices.

The Board of Directors dedicates its time and talent to make VacationLand Federal Credit Union a premier credit union. It delegates the day-to-day activities through policies to the Senior Management of the credit union. Directors serve for a term of three years with a number of terms expiring at the end of each annual meeting. The Director positions expire as follows:  three director positions expire in one year and two director positions expire in each of the succeeding two years.   

Monthly meetings are held by the Board to conduct the business of the credit union by reviewing its performance and policies. Once per year, the Board also meets with Senior Management for a full-day session to develop the annual strategic plan.

The Board of Directors members are:

  • Jude Hammond, Chairman
    member of the Asset/Liability Management, By-Laws and Nominating committees
  • Jan Sadoski, Vice Chairman
    member of the Policy committee
  • Marcia Renande, Secretary
    member of the Asset/Liability Management and Marketing committees
  • Tracy Luc, Treasurer
    member of the By-Laws committee
  • Christine Giardina, Director
    member of the Asset/Liability Management committee
  • Elmer Lippert, Director
    member of the Asset/Liability Management committee
  • Joel Hassinger, Director
    member of the Facilities and Nominating committees

Supervisory Committee
The Supervisory Committee consists of members appointed by the Board of Directors to serve one-to-three-year terms. These volunteers are responsible for assuring the safety and soundness of the credit union’s assets and deposits, the soundness of management and compliance with various financial and regulatory requirements. 

In fulfilling these responsibilities, the Supervisory Committee recommends to the Board of Directors for ratification, the appointment of an independent audit firm to annually examine the financial statements of the credit union.

Just like the Board of Directors, the Supervisory Committee also holds monthly meetings to review internal audit services, internal controls and risk management processes, and examinations by regulatory agencies and the independent audit firm.  A representative of the Supervisory Committee attends the monthly Board of Director meetings and shares their findings.    

The Supervisory Committee members are:

  • William Stauder, Chairman
  • Theresa Barylski, member
  • Christopher Palmer, member
  • Lynn Sartor, member
  • Jacquelyn Streng, member