Tax Investing Tips

According to, the average refund paid to taxpayers in 2017 was $2,878.00. Whatever your refund amount is this year, why not put those dollars to work and get ahead?! Here are a few ideas:

  • Is credit card debt keeping you awake at night? Why not use that return to help pay down your credit card balance, or pay it off completely. If your current card doesn't offer benefits, transfer the balance to a card with lots of rewards, low introductory interest rates, and perks just for using your card. Spending money by using this type of card can be fun and economical.
  • Reducing the principal on your home mortgage can dramatically affect the life of the loan. Think about using your refund to shave some years off the loan, while saving money in interest. It might seem like a small amount today, but even the smallest amount can make a dramatic difference down the road.

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Financial Empowerment

Your financial well-being is important to us. VLFCU is committed to providing you with resources to manage your money, and we’re thrilled to introduce a new digital education initiative to power your financial learning.

We’re calling it Financial Empowerment. This program offers an engaging learning experience around critical personal finance topics such as building emergency savings, mortgage education and retirement planning.

 Highlights include:

  • A series of 3-10 minute, interactive learning modules on key financial topics
  • A variety of financial planning tools and calculators
  • Mobile and tablet enabled so you can learn anytime, anywhere
  • Available in English and Spanish

And it’s free for everyone! VLFCU membership is NOT required to access these resources, so we encourage you to share them with friends, family, colleagues and social networks.

Get started here and share the wealth!

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As another successful year comes to an end, it’s once again time to reflect on 2017 and all it encompassed. As another successful year comes to an end, it’s once again time to reflect on 2017 and all it encompassed. 

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Lock on a credit card to symbolize protecting your card from fraud.

The holiday season is upon us and, unfortunately, this is when the most fraud/scams occur. There are many different types of fraud, with more popping up every day. Here are some common scams to familiarize yourself with and protect yourself against.