Mobile First

You may be wondering what exactly “mobile-first” means, and what it has to do with the new look coming to online banking. Mobile-first essentially means starting with the smallest screen (a phone) and designing an experience for that, instead of working from large (desktop) to small (phone), and with all of the compromises that it entails. Additionally, a mobile-first design method provides a unified look, feel and navigation for desktop, mobile web, and mobile app banking. Mobile-first means making features work while considering the inherent differences between device capabilities.

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the new online banking experience coming September 22nd. If you have questions not answered here, or need further assistance, please contact us online or by calling 800-691-9299, option 3.

How can I tell how much of my loan payment went to interest and how much to principal in the new look?

    You will click on the transaction in the list to expand and see all the details on that payment, including resulting balance, and amounts that went toward principal and interest.

    Where did the "View Cleared Checks" feature go that used to be under the My Accounts menu in online banking?

      The Account Details (transaction history) feature is where you can enter a check # (or part of a transaction description, or an amount, etc.) in the “search transactions” box. Once you have located the item, if there is an associated check image, you can click the button to view the image.  

      Can I search for transactions based on the amount or part of the description?

        Yes, there is a new "search transactions" box at the top of the page where you can enter various transaction details to search by – including transaction description, check number, or any other text that appears in the transaction list to find all matching items. For more specific search, you can use the Advanced button to choose from a list of common transaction types or specify a dollar amount range.

        When I view transaction history, I no longer see the resulting balance in the list. Where can I look to see how a transaction affected my running balance?

          You will click on the transaction in the list to expand and see all the details on that transaction, including resulting balance, transaction type, and more.

          Where do I go to change personal information, update my password and security questions, and things like that in the new online banking look?

            Access to personal information and other settings are now available by clicking the new profile button in the upper-right corner of the screen. These are the features included here:

            • Message Center
            • eAlerts Subscriptions
            • Personal Information (address, phone, email)
            • Contact Preferences

            Explain the new “member messaging” feature - what does that mean, exactly?

              The member messaging feature gathers prompts such as password reminders, secure message center notifications, and the like into a centralized communication tool. These appear as a swipe-able banner (mobile devices) immediately above your Favorite Accounts list on the home page. If no messages are waiting, that area will disappear and Favorite Accounts will move up to fill in that space. Here is an example of a message banner that you will see:

              new member messaging feature

              Various pieces of information will be communicated to you in this way that include:

              • Documents ready for e-signing (eDOC Signature)
              • Replies to private contact requests
              • Password change reminders
              • Change Username
              • Change Password
              • Change Security Questions
              • Login History
              • Password Change History

              Also, when you click the Profile button in the upper-right corner of the screen, a circled red number will indicate how many messages are waiting to be read in the Secure Message Center:

              secure messaging center

              Can I change the picture that appears in the Profile button?

                Yes! You can upload any image to appear in that spot, in place of the generic placeholder that appears there automatically. To change the image, click the Profile button and choose Personal Info & Settings, then click the little camera button that appears next to the placeholder image at the top of the page. Then just choose an image. No one will be able to see the image except for you, or whomever else you grant online access to.

                Are there any features I won’t see in the new look for online banking?

                  Yes, there will be a few features not available in the new design. Features being permanently sunset:

                  • Member-selected color themes, picture albums, and start page - Specific color themes and picture albums are not included with the new look. The start page feature has been replaced by the "Favorite accounts" and "Favorite features" options that let you pick the accounts and online banking features that appear on the main page when logging in. The site can further be personalized by uploading an image to appear in your Profile.
                  • Downloads to the Microsoft Money (.OFX) format- Downloads will still be available to all other formats already in place (.CSV, .QIF, .QFX, .QBO).
                  • eStatements on-screen features - In order for the new design to be consistent and function similarly across many different types of devices, some of the older functionality that was integrated into our eStatement presentation will not return as well:
                    • The on-screen checking account recon calculator has been replaced by the worksheet that appears on the "back page" disclosure document, which can be downloaded as a PDF.
                    • The on-screen Teller Receipt Analysis feature is now available as a downloadable PDF. 
                    • The CSV Download feature that was available via eStatements has been removed. (Remember that you can still use the download feature within online banking if you wish to download transaction records).

                  I know the look and navigation will be different, but will there be any new features introduced with the new look for online banking?

                    Yes! Here is a list of just a few of them:

                    • Favorite accounts - Set accounts you want to see front and center when you log in.
                    • Favorite features - Features you want to see along with your favorite accounts, like quick transfer, eStatements, and bill pay.
                    • Member messaging - Scrolling ads that pop up to alert you about messages received, documents ready for eSignature, password change reminders, etc.
                    • Upload your profile pic- All member personal info has been grouped under the new Profile menu, which can be customized with an uploaded picture.
                    • Search transaction history - When viewing Account Details (transaction history), there is a new "search transactions" box where you can enter an amount, part of the transaction description, a check number, or any other text that appears in the transaction list to find all matching items. An "Advanced" button also lets you choose from a list of common transaction types, or specify a dollar amount range.