Belinda Hoffman April 19 Realtor 3

pictured L to R: Trisha Dauch, Belinda Hoffman, Jami Riser, and Samantha Brake

As we were trying to narrow down our very first realtor of the month, our mortgage team agreed that Belinda Hoffman would make an excellent choice. Not only is she an award-winner in her profession, she is also a former VLFCU employee! 

Belinda has been a realtor for seventeen years, with the last three spent with Russell Real Estate Services. She serves homebuyers and sellers throughout northeast Ohio and is grateful to help make a difference in their lives. You can rest-assured that Belinda’s expertise will guide you through the entire process of landing your dream home.

When Belinda has free time, she enjoys spending it with her family, enjoying the great outdoors and attending sporting events. She grew up in Castalia and was the youngest of 15 kids. Her work ethic is a testament to her parents’ hard work and commitment. Currently, Belinda resides in Perkins Township with her husband of 25 years, Will. They have two children, Austin and Ashley. 

Ready to make a move? You can reach Belinda at 419-271-1945 or send her an email. She will be happy to hear from you!

NMLS #2002006811