Member Testimonials 

To my total delight, I was able to open a CD at the Huron branch in under ten minutes. Shelly Liupold was efficient and professional as usual, while being friendly and holding an interesting conversation with me.

I truly appreciate the way I am treated by Vacationland's employees.

- Jose Suarez

I want to highlight three employees who are always so helpful and kind: Amy Wasem, Julie Musick, and Mary Jackson.

On December 1, my mother (who is 81) and I visited the credit union to find out what these "ScoreCard" and "Buzz Point" programs are about. We met with Mary, who called in Julie to help her. They both were so kind and patient in explaining it to my mother. They also showed me how to combine our accounts since I'm online and have a smartphone. I had over $375 in rewards points to spend, and I used it for Christmas gifts! Their kindness is appreciated.

- Lori Esposito

Recently, I had to have a foreign money transfer taken care of. I had no idea where to even start. I walked into the branch expecting more questions than answers, and I was fully prepared for the experience not to go smoothly. 

Believe it or not, it was the total opposite of what I was expecting. I cannot say enough about Chareese. She was SO helpful, and had the BEST attitude. She smiled the entire time I was there, and she put me at ease right away. I told her I was sorry to bother her with this unusual request, and she replied back to me "that is what I am here for". I was so appreciative of all her "above and beyond" gestures. Right down to taking care of a fax for me. 

I walked out of the branch with the biggest smile and such a sense of relief. I really wanted to go back inside and just give her a big hug. She definitely made my day. Thank you, Chareese.

- Shelby C.

“Frank and I have had great help from VLCFU since 1967 when Ellie Ritzenthaler helped us. We continue to have great help and support from the staff who are more like friends. Thank you VLCFU.”

- Pat Szekely

"I have been a member of VLFCU for over 10 years now. In the past few years, on the advice of my mother-in-law, I have checked into Buzz Points. I have used these gift certificates countless times at local shops and restaurants and redeemed hundreds of dollars at Berardi's Family Restaurant, Cornell Foods, Bassett's IGA, etc! I LOVE it when my Buzz Points accumulate! Thanks VLFCU!"

- Tish Keegan

“I have been with VacationLand since 1996 because of the service, the people, being local and doing community events.”

- Jeff Ferback

“VacationLand, your friendly smiles made me come in; your caring hearts won me over; and your helping hands have kept me to this day. Thanks!”

- Randy “Sonny” Dorsey

"Special shout out to Shelly Luipold at the Huron branch and Jami Andres at the Sandusky main branch for a great job on my new truck loan. It's great to be a VLFCU member." 

- Jim Ashton

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