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Thinking About Moving On? Its Never Been Easier

Thinking About Moving On? Its Never Been Easier

Perhaps you’ve already heard about ClickSWITCH®. If not, we’re ready to enlighten you on what it is, how it works, and how you can greatly benefit if you get started using ClickSWITCH® today.

ClickSWITCH® is just what it sounds like: it’s an automated account transfer solution that helps you safely SWITCH your recurring direct deposits and automatic payments from your previous financial institution to your new VacationLand Federal Credit Union account, with a few quick CLICKs. Then, use ClickSWITCH® to quickly close those old accounts, too. This can all be accomplished efficiently and without delay, instead of manually moving and closing your accounts which normally takes days or weeks.

Let’s talk about easy….. All you do is input your payment and direct deposit information to ClickSWITCH®, and VacationLand will do the rest. No more hassles when it’s time to change the way you’ve been doing things. Give us a call at 800-691-9299 for more details, or learn more here. We’ll need to verify your membership eligibility and set up your account with us. We’ll then give you an access code to log into a safe and secure ClickSWITCH® portal to begin transferring. If you need help, we’ll even assist you throughout the entire process.

ClickSWITCH® equals peace of mind. The system uses the latest in online encryption protection to gather and store your “switch” information. Likewise, VLFCU adheres to the highest industry standards with regard to the security of your personal data. To obtain a better understanding of what information you’ll need to get started, check out our useful answers to the most frequently asked questions about ClickSWITCH®.

A whole new day is dawning and VacationLand is ready to become your preferred primary financial institution when you’re ready to make the move. Give us a call today. We’re here for you. We promise this will be the easiest move you’ll ever make.