NEW VLFCU consumer debit 282w

Enjoy the convenience of using your Debit Mastercard® to pay for purchases without cash, checks, or credit cards. Funds are deducted automatically from your checking account.

You can also use your Debit Mastercard® as an ATM card for quick and easy access to cash from your checking or savings accounts. Find a VLFCU ATM location near you.

This card has it all with low rates, great rewards, easy account management, and so much more, including:

  • Accepted worldwide
  • Funds deducted from your checking account
  • Safer than carrying cash
  • Accepted at thousands of ATMs worldwide*
  • Control your account with the VLFCU mobile app
  • No finance charges
  • No annual or monthly fees**


vdot-smallMembership required to use services. Click here for membership requirements.


*ATM transaction fees may apply. When you use your card at a non-VLFCU ATM there can be two fees. The first fee comes from the non-VLFCU ATM operator, and the other from VLFCU. If you use a “surcharge-free” ATM, you will not receive a fee from the non-VLFCU ATM operator but may receive a fee from VLFCU. 

**If cash back is selected during a purchase, the merchant may charge a fee.


Checking Accounts

Checking Accounts new 400x307A checking account is a great tool you can use to help you manage your money effectively and responsibly, but it’s important to compare and understand the features, fees and requirements before opening an account.

Take our Financial Empowerment program on Checking Accounts to learn the basics, including:

  • Checking account features
  • How checking accounts work
  • Debit cards vs. credit cards