debit mastercard newEnjoy the convenience of using your Debit Mastercard® to pay for purchases without cash, checks, or credit cards. Funds are deducted automatically from your checking account. 

You can also use your Debit Mastercard® as an ATM card, with quick and easy access to cash from your checking or savings accounts. Find a VLFCU ATM location near you. 


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  • Accepted worldwide
  • Funds deducted from your
    checking account
  • Safer than carrying cash


*ATM transaction fees may apply. When you use your card at a non-VLFCU ATM there can be two fees. The first fee comes from the non-VLFCU ATM operator, and the other from VLFCU. If you use a “surcharge-free” ATM, you will not receive a fee from the non-VLFCU ATM operator, but may receive a fee from VLFCU. 

**If cash back is selected during a purchase, the merchant may charge a fee.