EMV DebitCard graphic1croppedVacationLand FCU protects member debit card transactions with a fraud management solution that uses security technology that flags suspicious or high-risk transactions when presented.  We classify transactions as fraud by industry standard types including, but not limited to:
• Lost / Stolen
• Never Received Issued Card or PIN
• Mail Order / Telephone Order / Internet Order
• Fraudulent Applications
• Counterfeit
• Account Takeover

This monitoring will determine if transactions presented are legitimate or fraud based on processing rules for detecting fraud.  The system compares transaction authorizations to specific high-risk indicators. Rules are set by the card processing network and updated on a regular basis, based on known and reported fraud patterns. If an authorization matches a rule, an alert is generated, and the member is notified.

Alerts are created for events including, but not limited to:
• Patterns of debit card activity outside the norm for a member
• Combinations of activity that mirror known fraud patterns

If a transaction authorization is presented on your debit card that matches fraud parameters, a fraud prevention services representative will contact you via phone call to advise of potential fraud.  To return a call for a message left by fraud prevention services, or for fraud related inquiries, please call 1-866-842-5208.