Remote Deposit Capture is a supplemental service to our Online and Mobile banking services. It allows you to deposit checks to your account via your mobile phone or other wireless device. This convenience allows you skip the ATM or a visit to a branch by allowing you to make a check deposit from virtually anywhere!

Read on for Frequently Asked Questions on how to apply for this service and how to use it. 

Q. Is RDC safe and secure?

A. Yes, the data is encrypted using state-of-the art image processing and optical character recognition. The phone cache is cleared after every session so the check images are not stored on your device.

Q. Is there a cost to use RDC?

A. No, VacationLand does not charge a fee to use this service. However, standard data rates from your mobile service provider may still apply.

Q. Who may apply for enrollment in RDC?

A. VacationLand Federal Credit Union members who meet the following minimum requirements:

         1. At least 18 years of age

         2. Have a valid email address

         3. Account has been opened for more than 180 days

 *Approval for the service is subject to Vacationland’s criteria and is not guaranteed in any way. 

 Q. What types of accounts can I scan deposits into?

 A. Checks can be deposited into a regular share (savings) or share draft (checking) account.

Q. Can Business accounts use RDC?

A. At this time, VLFCU’s RDC service is not available to business or commercial members.

Q. How do I sign up for RDC?

A. You will need to download the VacationLand FCU application (i.e. from the Amazon Marketplace, Google Play Store, or Apple App Store) to your mobile device. Then from within the application, you will select Remote Deposit. Towards the bottom of the page you will then click register and go through a short enrollment process; including choosing a username and password. This username and password may be the same as what you use to enter mobile banking; however, we recommend for added security that you create a separate username and password. After all information is submitted, a VLFCU representative will review and approve/deny your enrollment request. You will receive an email within 1-2 business days notifying you of your enrollment status.  

Q. What are the requirements for the password?

 A. Your password must follow these requirements:

         1. 8-40 characters

         2. One uppercase letter

         3. One number

         4. One special character

Q. What types of checks can be deposited using RDC?

A. Personal, business, or cashier’s checks made payable to you in U.S. dollars, drawn on a financial institution located within the continental United States.

Q. What types of checks cannot be deposited using RDC?

  • ·Foreign Checks
  • ·Savings Bonds
  • ·Money Orders
  • ·Third Party Checks (two endorsements on the back)
  • ·Altered Checks
  • ·Stale Dated Checks (checks dated more than 6 months ago)
  • ·Post Dated Checks (checks dated for a future day)
  • ·Checks purporting to be a lottery or prize winning
  • ·Checks previously submitted for deposit
  • ·Non-Negotiable Items
  • ·Incomplete checks (missing date, payee, signature etc.)

Q. Is there a limit to how many checks and/or the amount checks may be when deposited through RDC?  

A. Yes, if approved for the service you will receive an email notification stating your approved monthly limits. At a minimum, your limits may require checks deposited be less than $1,000.00; you may not deposit more than 5 items per day and you may have a maximum rolling 30 day deposit total of $2500.00.

Q. How do I properly endorse the back of my check(s)? 

A. Checks must be signed by the payee AND endorsed in one of the following manners:

  • For Remote Deposit Only
  • For Mobile Deposit Only
  • The appropriate box must be marked on the back of the check where it says: Check Here If Mobile deposit

Q. When will my deposit be credited or available?

A. Any Image transmitted through the Service by 3:30 p.m. Eastern time on a business day that we are open (business days do not include Saturday, Sunday, or Holiday’s) will be considered for acceptance that business day; an Image transmitted after 3:30p.m. Eastern Time will be considered for acceptance on the next business day.  We will make our determination concerning whether or not to accept the Image for deposit by 3:30 p.m. Eastern time, and you will be notified through the Service via email at the time we make our decision. 

Funds will appear in your account after your "deposit" has been approved. This is typically within 24 hours (similar to an in-person check deposit). However, funds may not be available for immediate withdrawal. Any hold placed on a deposit transmitted via the service will be done so in accordance with our Funds Availability Policy Disclosure.

Q. What should I do with the Original Check after scanning?

 A. Original Checks should be securely stored (protecting the integrity of the image) and retained for a period of 30 calendar days, after confirmation has been received that we accepted your deposit. After the 30 calendar day period ends, you MUST destroy the original Check via a commercially acceptable means of destruction, including shredding (preferably via a cross-cut shredder), burning or pulverizing the original Check.

Q. How can I view my history of RDC deposits?

 A. By clicking on the Review tab while you are in a Remote Deposit Capture session. 

Q. I scanned a check for deposit and later received an email saying it had been rejected and instructed me to deposit my check at the nearest branch. Why?

A. There could be many reasons for this notification but a few examples are:

  • The check type deposited was ineligible for RDC services
  • The check image was of poor quality/unreadable
  • The check did not contain the proper endorsements

Q. The amount I entered for a deposit is different from the amount I got credit for. Why?

A. After verifying the deposited item, it was determined that the amount entered was different from the amount on the legal line of the check. You may refer to the image under your Review tab on the Mobile App to confirm yourself. If you still have a question, please contact us at 419-625-9025 ext. 5006.

Q. When I scan a particular check, I can see the check image but the written information is blank. Why?

A. Some ink colors are too light for the camera to properly capture. This could be as a result of the check having been written with a gel pen or pencil. In order to receive credit for this check you will need to present it at your nearest branch for deposit.

Q. Where can I go to receive help with RDC?

A. Contact the Accounting Department at 419-625-9025 ext. 5006.