couple with a share secured loan in Erie County, OhioPut your savings to work for you. Use your balance as collateral with a share secured loan. This loan is secured by funds you have on deposit in a VacationLand FCU share savings account or share certificate, and is a good option for members trying to establish credit.

It also allows members with funds on deposit to borrow, instead of depleting your share account or cashing in your certificate. With a share secured loan, you have the advantage of continuing to earn dividends on the funds you have deposited, even though they are pledged as collateral on your loan.

Currently you are unable to apply for a Share Secured Loan online. If you wish to apply for this product or service please visit your nearest branch or call 1-800-691-9299 for more information.


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  • Use your VacationLand FCU accounts as collateral
  • Earn dividends on secured funds
  • Competitive rates
  • Flexible terms
  • Use funds for almost anything
  • Easy application process