If your Debit Mastercard® or Visa® Credit Card has been lost or stolen, please contact VLFCU immediately.

During business hours, call 419.625.9025 or 1.800.691.9299.

If you call us after hours, our pre-recorded message will prompt you to make a selection to report your card. You may also call the following numbers should our offices be closed:

Mastercard® Debit Card: 1.800.264.5578

Visa® Credit Card: 1.866.604.0381

Once reported, we will automatically issue you a new card and mail it to your home. You should receive it within 7 to 10 business days.

With the My Mobile Money App, you can turn your Debit Mastercard® off and back on again should you misplace it. Download it today to your mobile device!

my mobile money