Business Line of Credit

You can’t expect the unexpected, but with a business line of credit, you can be ready for it.

You’ll have easy access to financing whenever you need it, which gives you the flexibility to handle whatever obstacles might arise on the road to success.

You can even set up your business line of credit to automatically transfer funds to your checking account when you need them. Let us show you how.

Apply for a business line of credit loan at any branch in Sandusky, Vermilion, Norwalk and Huron or call us at 1-800-691-9299 to get started.

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Business Line of Credit Benefits

  • Maximum flexibility
  • Easy access to funds
  • Low variable rates
  • Low interest-only payments
  • Pay for only what you use
  • Pay it off and use it again
  • Secured by real estate or company-owned assets