“My transmission completely went out with no warning which meant I was looking at a $3,000+ repair! Having one child with a medical diagnosis is hard enough, but we have three daughters with completely unrelated medical diagnoses requiring us to travel to different hospitals around Ohio. VacationLand Federal Credit Union came to my rescue! I placed a call to their loan officer and explained everything to them, and they went above and beyond to ensure I was taken care of! They were very empathetic, caring and so sweet through the entire process truly making me feel like family! They gave me hope and the light I needed to get through the dark tunnel I was going through feeling like I just couldn’t handle anymore that life was throwing my way! Without them, I would be absolutely lost! Thank you, VacationLand on Hayes Avenue, for always being top-notch and the best at what you do! You made miracles happen that allowed me to get the new transmission so I can continue to take care of our miracles! I am forever grateful.

- Angie M.

“Over the years, VLFCU has helped me save for emergencies. I’ve been able to use my savings to travel like my Mom always loved to do.

- Tammy K.

“My best memory with VacationLand starts back in the fall of 2016. At the beginning of that year, I had lost my car in a t-bone accident and went without a car until August. It wasn’t until I worked at Cedar Point that a car on Foster Chevy’s lot caught my attention. As I took steps toward getting that car, out of 4 other institutions, VLFCU took the chance to loan me and finance my first car! I am forever grateful to VLFCU and continue to be satisfied knowing there is a team of people willing to help someone like me in true need. Thank you all!

- Rachal M.

“I’m retired now, and I like VacationLand because it takes all the worries about banking away. I went on my first cruise in March. It was amazing! And I didn’t have to worry about money because it was so easy to transfer funds between accounts.

- Anne D.

“VLFCU helped me finance my education and use savings to help pay for college! I graduated from BGSU in May of 2019 and recently moved to Columbus Ohio to take a Special Education teaching job at an elementary school.

- Kamryn H.

“My son had to have brain surgery because he had deadly seizures. Driving back and forth from hospitals and doctor’s appointments were taking a toll financially, and we decided to trade in our truck for a new car with better mileage. When everything else in life was completely out of our control and we felt completely defeated, VacationLand was able to help us alleviate a little bit of the stress and help us get a small amount of control back. Brendan is our survivor. Thank you for helping make it easier for us to get him back and forth to his appointments and surgery.

- Anthony H.

“I got behind on everything, and VLFCU worked with me until I got caught up!

- Felicia F.

“Having the ease of quickly transferring money to another account allows me to better track spending for my daughter.

- Leanna H.

“I moved back to Ohio to be near my kids and grandkids. I beat cancer which is a huge milestone. I appreciate the kindness shown by those who work at VLFCU with handling my banking. It gives me more time to spend with my grandkids and making memories with them is what life is all about.

- Linda H.

“We took a nice long weekend getaway to the Canadian side of Niagara falls! We used funds from our savings account for all our extras and fun excursions.

- Michele P.

“Thanks to VLFCU, we got a new SUV from Smiley Automotive. I love it so much!

- Lee V.

A couple of years ago, I decided to expand my business to help the community. In 2017, I formed Cassel Care to work with individuals in the community that have special needs. Of course, I needed a business checking account. I decided to use VLFCU for my business because I had been a member at VLFCU since I was in high school. I have used VLFCU for auto, home and personal loans, so why wouldn’t I use them for my business?’ Thank you VLFCU for being part of Cassel Care and its success. It’s great when a Credit Union can be part of building a small business in the community. I plan to use VacationLand Federal Credit Union for my next business expansion, hopefully in the near future.

- Lisa C.

“With money, we saved in our VacationLand bank account, we were able to have a great family vacation!

- Melissa S.

“VLFCU kept us organized as we combined our accounts before our v.edding. The staff was very helpful as we joined accounts. This eliminated so much stress as we paid for our wedding!

- Jessica S.

“Our family has hosted three high school foreign exchange students over the last four years. We have tried to give them all a different experience and traveled to some great locations from Key West and Niagara Falls, to the Grand Canyon. We did this while using our VacationLand credit and debit cards the whole way without difficulties.

- Kirk B.

“VacationLand helps keep my finances stable, so I was recently able to take a vacation to Punta Cana.

- Casey K.

“VacationLand approved my auto loan, which allowed me to purchase my 1984 Camaro Z-28. WOW, what a car!

- Carl W.

“We were able to spend 10 days in London & Paris with my niece and her family who moved over there 2 years ago. VacationLand helped me make sure I had access to my funds with my credit card with minimal fees.

- Jennifer D.

“Your credit union allowed me to purchase a car that has enough room for my growing family to fit In. Thank you so much for believing in me.

- Elizabeth M.

“I found the right motorcycle for me and wanted to make it mine fast! I called my friends at VLFCU and was approved the very same day. It pays off to be a member and have decisions made locally.

- Bill

“As a local business owner, I believe the best business practice is to contract locally. When we were ready to start renovations for the Penn Station and Toft’s Dairy on Route 250, we contacted VacationLand Federal Credit Union to discuss financing. The results have been fantastic, satisfying both tourists and locals.

- Steve S.

“Being a first-time homebuyer, I was very nervous. Trisha at VacationLand Federal Credit Union made it very smooth and easy by walking me through everything. VLFCU will definitely be my primary financial institution going forward.

- Harmony

“To my total delight, I was able to open a CD at the Huron branch in under ten minutes. Shelly Luipold was efficient and professional as usual while being friendly and holding an interesting conversation with me. I truly appreciate the way I am treated by VacationLand’s employees.

- Jose Suarez

“Vacationland, your friendly smiles made me come in; your caring hearts won me over, and your helping hands have kept me to this day. Thanks!

- Randy "Sonny" Dorsey

“Frank and I have had great help from VLFCU since 1967 when Ellie Ritzenthaler helped us. We continue to have great help and support from the staff who are more like friends. Thank you VLFCU.

- Pat Szekely

“I have been with VacationLand since 1996 because of the service, the people, being local and doing community events.

- Jeff Ferback