Understand Your Debt.

We’ve all been there. Now, let us help.

You can eliminate debt by gaining a better understanding of how you got into debt, why you got into it, and what you did to make it happen. All of us have been there, and VacationLand will lend a hand.

Not only will our lending experts explain credit scores, how to understand them, and why you have more than one credit score, but they will also provide you with immediate options that could improve your credit rating.

As well as providing you with steps that may help improve your creditworthiness, we can also help qualified individuals obtain a personal loan or a Visa credit card. When used responsibly, these tools can provide priceless benefits.

Personal Loans: Up to $1,000

Personal loans can help you achieve your dreams, life’s necessities, or both. Low monthly payments and affordable rates are two of the benefits of a VacationLand personal loan.

How can this impact your credit? If you make on-time payments, installment loans may help to build your credit.

What are the best uses for personal loans?

  • Debt consolidation
  • Home improvements
  • ​Education expenses
  • ​Vacation expenses

What are the benefits? Along with low monthly payments and affordable fixed rates, there will be no fees.

Credit Cards: Up to $1,000

With a VLFCU Visa card, you have the freedom to make purchases anywhere. Your credit may be improved by keeping your credit utilization low and making on-time payments. Cards are best used for convenience and emergencies. The benefits include no cash advance or annual fees, an introductory APR of 1.99% for the first six months (13.40% – 18.00% after six months), credit card management using our mobile app, and full fraud protection 24/7. We offer a variety of card options including our Rewards Visa, Platinum Visa, and PINK Visa. With the Rewards or PINK Visa, you get ScoreCard® rewards for every dollar you spend.

Click here to join VacationLand Federal Credit Union. If you’re already a member and require some solid financial advice, we encourage you to call or visit one of our five conveniently located branches in Sandusky, Huron, Norwalk, or Vermilion. Work with us and, together, we can help create a plan that enables you to begin the process of rebuilding your creditworthiness and taking control of your financial objectives.

Membership eligibility is required with a minimum deposit of $5.00 in a Share/Savings Account. Member must be in good standing with VLFCU. All loans are subject to credit approval. APR = Annual Percentage Rate. The APR may differ depending on each individual’s credit qualifications. Personal loans limited to term of 12 months. For a $1,000 loan, the estimated monthly payment would be $91.22 for 12 months. For Visas, the introductory rate of 1.99% applies for the first six billing cycles, after which the standard APR assigned will be calculated as prime + 4.90% to 17.90% (as published in the Wall Street Journal). APR may vary but will not exceed 18.00%. When using a Visa® card outside the United States a foreign transaction fee up to 1% of the amount of each transaction will apply, regardless of whether you are located inside or outside the United States at the time of the transaction. Subject to change at any time without notice. Results are not guaranteed, improvement in your credit score/profile is dependent on your specific situation and financial behaviors.