Auto Loan

Buying a new vehicle is exciting! It can also be stressful.

You’ve calculated the interest rates and planned a monthly payment you can afford. Then you have to wait nervously to see if the dealer can get you approved for what you need to make it all work.

Take the stress out of the equation and apply for an auto loan from VacationLand Federal Credit Union!

Your Loan Specialist will walk through every step of the process with you and get you pre-approved for an auto loan that meets your specific needs. There won’t be any surprises or additional charges, and you’ll have all the negotiating power you need to get the vehicle you want, at the rate and terms you’re comfortable with.

Benefits of a VLFCU Auto Loan

Getting pre-approved for an Auto Loan at VLFCU lets you focus on what counts most – the total sale price of the vehicle.

Other benefits include:

  • Competitive interest rates
  • Flexible terms
  • Easy repayment plans
  • Local, personal attention
  • Fast, reliable service

You must be a member of VacationLand Federal Credit Union to take advantage of our Auto Loan, but it’s easy to join!

Just fill out the form below and one of our local Loan Specialists will contact you within two business days to enroll you as a member and/or complete your Auto Loan application.

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