A penny saved is a penny earned. Penny pincher. A pretty penny. Penny wise, pound foolish.

A penny certainly doesn’t buy much these days, and getting your kids to save a penny, or more, is like pulling teeth. However, saving money is just as important as earning money.

April is Youth Month at VacationLand Federal Credit Union, a great time to start a conversation with the kids about saving money and setting financial goals.

If you’re looking for a little inspiration to get the ball rolling, radio show host and businessman David Ramsey reminds us of money lessons our kids aren’t taught in school. In this four-minute read, Dave’s daughter, Rachel Cruze, recounts what the Ramseys taught her – from realizing money doesn’t grow on trees; giving, saving, spending; to teaching by example – all at a very early age.

VacationLand would also like to help parents and grandparents teach children to be good penny pinchers!

Our Dollar Dog™ Kids Club makes saving fun and rewards kids for making deposits into their Dollar Dog™ share account. This account is available for children, newborn to 12 years of age, with a $25 share deposit. A token is earned for every deposit of $10 or more per day, which are redeemable at VacationLand for toys, apparel, or a cash dividend. Kids also receive a special dividend when they make a birthday deposit.

Youth Share Certificates are a great savings option for college, a first car, or to start a nest egg. Kid$ense and Teen$ense share certificates earn interest based upon the child’s age, from newborn to 19 years of age. These are based on a 12-month term, and the rate continues to increase each year.

VacationLand’s Campus Connection Club is a free and flexible solution for college students, age 18 to 26 years, to connect with their money. Students’ benefits include free checking, no minimum balance fee, free ATM card or Debit MasterCard, no monthly maintenance fee, and a $5 dividend reward each time they make the Dean’s List. They can stay connected on the go with our free mobile app, online banking, and text alerts.

Remember, your immediate family members qualify for membership, regardless of where they live!

During the month of April, bring the kids into any branch for giveaways and contests. We’re offering contests for cash prizes, giveaways for members up to 19 years of age, and gifts just for opening an account! There are even special days to double your Dollar Dog tokens and rewards.

It’s time to celebrate! Let’s all begin empowering our children by explaining how to save, give, budget, and earn wisely, not only during Youth Month, but beyond. VacationLand Federal Credit Union can equip you with the tools you need to get things moving. Stop by any branch for details on National Credit Union Youth Month.