“Oktoberfest” is a festival that begins at the end of September and typically only lasts for 16 to 18 days, ending on the first Sunday in October. It’s not a holiday, but has roots tracing back to 1810 celebrating Bavarian culture and food. Simply put, it’s just another day we can celebrate. After all, we do like to celebrate!

As if celebrating our new branch office in Norwalk wasn’t enough, VacationLand is extending the hoopla all month long. You might say we’re having our own “Octoberfest” (spelled with a “c”) lasting the entire month of October. Allow us to put some cash back into those lederhosen pockets!

With the holidays fast approaching, we wanted to offer our existing members, as well as all our new members, the opportunity to take advantage of our First Payment On Us promotion happening now through October 31st, as we celebrate you!

If you’re looking for ways to save more money this time of year, let VLFCU give you a head start. We’ll make your first payment, up to $500, when you refinance a loan from another financial institution that’s $15,000 or more. Qualifying loans include those for autos, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, and boats. Yes, you heard right. By refinancing an existing loan with us, you could potentially reduce your interest rate and possibly lower your monthly payments. We pay up to $500 toward your first installment payment, and waive the processing fees. That’s an additional $191savings.

Use the money you save to spend a grandiose Thanksgiving holiday with your family, travel to visit more family, or enjoy a Thanksgiving getaway with loved ones. Or why not buy early Christmas gifts, wrap them, and salt them away until the big day? Even though the beginning of November is considered the onset of Christmas shopping, we’re making it easy for you to hit the ground running. Our First Payment On Us special offer means big savings coming your way. 

You must be in good standing with VacationLand. Visa credit cards, loans secured by real property, business loans, and loans currently held by us are not eligible for this promotion. All loans are subject to credit approval and your actual APR may differ depending on the term, credit qualifications, or loan-to-value. Title fees still apply and if you pay off the loan within the first six months, and you will be obligated to pay back the First Payment On Us benefit. 

Better hurry. Our Octoberfest celebration only lasts through October. If you are not already a VLFCU member, membership eligibility is available with a minimum deposit of $5 in a Share Account. Come visit our Haus! Prost!