Changes are coming to It’s Me 247 Online Banking login screens and password requirements.


Password Requirements


Beginning March 11, 2018, thanks to a new security enhancement on It’s Me 24/7, the password length requirements for online banking will change. This change will only require you to change your password if you are currently in the habit of typing more than 10 characters.

If your password is currently between 6-10 characters:

NO ACTION is required on your part to access online banking.

If your current password is longer than 10 characters:

           ACTION is required as of March 11, 2018. 

When you access online banking on or after this date, use the “I forgot my password link” and follow the prompts.

Consider the following two options:

           o   Reset your current password of more than 10 characters, or 

o   Select and enter a new password utilizing between 6 and 256 characters.

All characters will now be recognized as your password.  Prior to March 11, the system only recognized the first 10 characters as your full password.

If you have any questions about these changes or need assistance changing your password, contact us during regular business hours at 800-691-9299, and press option 2.