Your children may not understand this yet, but money doesn’t grow on trees.

Yet many parents – 72% – are a bit shy when it comes to discussing money with their kids. The reason? Most don’t want their kids to know their own financial situation or to worry about finances.

Researchers tell us that kids as young as three can understand saving and spending, and that their money habits are formed as early as age seven.

With the holidays fast approaching, children will be seeing your hard-earned dollars evaporating quickly to ensure everyone has a happy holiday. This is a good time to set an example for your kids and teach them the many rewards of saving money.

Personal finance journalist Rebecca Lake lists ten amazing ways to help your child understand the meaning of saving and why they should become early savers.

VacationLand Federal Credit Union can also help make sense of saving for the future. Our kids’ savings account, Dollar Dog® Kids Club, makes it fun to save with special prizes, activities and other features. Designed for children 12 and under, this special account has no monthly fee, and their money is insured up to $750,000, just like yours. We even offer special share certificates with rates based on their ages.

For teenagers 13 to 19, VLFCU offers a Youth Club Account. There are also special share certificate rates for teens to save for college or other important expenses. There are no monthly fees, and accounts are insured up to $750,000. Best of all, balances of $125 or more will earn money!

Responsible children mature into responsible adults. VacationLand will help you give your children the saving, spending, budgeting, and credit tools they need to take on their futures.

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