We all have our reasons for being a credit union member. From the personal service to fulfilling your financial needs, credit unions exist to serve you throughout your life. So, when it comes to home ownership, why go to your credit union for a mortgage? We’ve put together a list of reasons you should consider your credit union for your mortgage needs.

  1. We are here to walk you through each step of the mortgage process.  Understanding the steps and the process takes the stress out of the most exciting purchase you will make.
  2. We will help get you pre-qualified so when you go out on your search you will already know what you can comfortably afford. This will also help during the negotiation process with your realtor.
  3. During the pre-qualification process, we will listen to your current needs as well as your future plans. By gathering this information, we will be able to help fit you into the right mortgage product as well as what you may qualify for.
  4. We are here to help your dream of homeownership become a reality. We provide you with a checklist of items to help you make your decision on the right home for your needs.
  5. We will educate you on the “do’s and don’ts” in maintaining your credit. During the purchase of your home, it is important you do not make any sudden purchases or financing of new debt. This can slow down or even stop a mortgage process.
  6. Lastly, we are committed to our membership by communicating during the entire process. We will be here to answer questions along the way and attend the closing with you for support through the final steps of handing over the keys to your dream home.

So, we are back to the question “why go to your credit union for your mortgage needs?” Our reply is “why not!” The credit union has been there for all your other financial needs, so trust us with the most important purchase you will make. Reach out to one of our mortgage lending officers today to benefit from a true and experienced partner!