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Ahhh, the 1950s: a faraway time when baby boomers were introduced to the world, families sat down at the dinner table to talk about their days, and “social media” was gathering around the television with Douglas Edwards for the CBS evening news. It was a simple era – uncomplicated, yet invigorating.

Let’s stir up some nostalgia! Here are five great things that happened in the ’50s: 

Homework Rewarded

It’s hard to believe schools just opened for their new year. It’s also the time of year when some of our members begin thinking about getting a head start on Christmas gift-giving ideas for their loved ones. After what happened to all of us in 2020, let’s make our 2021 Christmas a holiday everyone is going to remember! VacationLand and Visa® continue to make gift-giving a breeze with ScoreCard® Rewards points. Combined with funds from your Christmas Club account, Christmas could be affordable and magical!