As a VacationLand Federal Credit Union member, you have a choice of checking account services that make your life easier.

Each VacationLand checking account comes with these benefits and more.

  • Unlimited check writing
  • Free debit card
  • Free online banking and e-Statements
  • Free bill pay when enrolled in e-Statements
  • Free telephone banking
  • Direct deposit and payroll deduction available
  • Overdraft privilege (for qualifying members)
  • Insured up to $750,000*

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Currently, you are unable to apply for a checking account online. If you wish to apply for this product or service please visit your nearest branch or call 1-800-691-9299 for more information.


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Checking Accounts

Checking Accounts new 400x307A checking account is a great tool you can use to help you manage your money effectively and responsibly, but it’s important to compare and understand the features, fees and requirements before opening an account.

View our Financial Empowerment program on Checking Accounts to learn the basics, including:

  • Checking account features
  • How checking accounts work
  • Debit cards vs. credit cards





Overdraft Computer new 400x319An important part of managing your money is not spending more than you have.

Many times, we spend money without thinking about how it will affect our account balances, which can result in an overdraft fee.

Overdrawing on your account can create unwanted fees that end up costing you even more money. View our Financial Empowerment program on Preventing Overdraft Fees to learn about:

  • Consequences of overdrawing on your account
  • Facts about unwanted overdraft fees
  • Tips on managing your account balances

Review our Schedule of Fees and Charges


*All depository accounts are insured up to $750,000. The first $250,000 is provided by the NCUA Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF). An additional $500,000 is made available through private insurance from Excess Share Insurance (ESI). This coverage is more than most financial institutions offer!